In 2017, we assembled a team of experts to better cover the hydropower market, most of whose facilities date from the 1950s and will need refurbishment in the future.

Since then, we have conducted several alternator and exciter refurbishments for many customers, including Hydro-Québec and several other public and private plants.

We also work in concert with turbine manufacturers to offer a complete service to significantly reduce the refurbishment of our customers’ equipment.

We provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever problems you face, we will never let you down and will always find the solutions you need.

Since the 1980s, MEL has worked at various levels with the majority of pulp and paper mills inside and outside Québec.
Whether as a supplier of new motors, or as a repairer of all types of motors and integrators of ABB variable speed drives, our team offers turnkey expertise for all your drive systems.

In the early 2000s, this industry underwent enormous changes and several plants had to close. Our expertise in CA and CC drive systems allows us to serve more than 20 plants in this sector, in addition to several sawmills working in this market.

We are the largest electric motor distributor in Québec. As such, we offer motor and transformer repairs, as well as the supply of ABB drives.

That’s why, since the early 1980s, Rio Tinto Alcan has been working as our partner for most of its factories to improve the energy efficiency of its fleet of motors.

The expertise we have developed has brought other aluminum smelters in Québec to use our services at a variety of levels.

We are proud to have participated in the development of this industry over the decades.

For 40 years, we have been active in the processing plants for several underground and surface mines. In Québec, we are a major supplier of motors and variators adapted to this particular environment.

Our motor repair service, located in our three workshops, is widely used by various mines inside and outside Québec.

Our service teams are regularly present in their facilities to apply preventive maintenance programs suited to their specific needs.

We provide thorough follow-ups that are highly appreciated by all our customers. And we go further by providing you with reports of your issues, including photos, statements and conclusions.

Fans play an essential role in people’s health, well-being and comfort by assuring the circulation of clean air and regulating the air-conditioned environment of different buildings.

For the HVAC market, we offer a wide range of fan motors that can be used in the manufacture and installation of heating, ventilation or cooling products in a building’s ventilation system. Custom solutions to meet your specific application and mounting needs are also available. Our teams are constantly on the road dismantling and installing motors and variable speed drives.

In the Québec market, we are the leaders in variable speed drives, with the exclusivity of ABB products from the ACH family. Most hospitals, office buildings and schools, as well as many other buildings in Québec, rely on our products.

We also distribute small single-phase and three-phase 115 V, 230 V and 575 V HVAC motors. All of these motors and variable speed drives are kept in stock at our four Québec warehouses.

Like many essential businesses, municipalities rely on pumps to keep filtration and pumping systems running.

We supply ABB pump motors and variable speed drives designed specifically to regulate a system’s water pressure.

ABB variable speed drives are easily configured to replace existing controllers in clean and wastewater systems.

We can also repair the pumps and provide you with full service. Our specialists will ensure that each of your pumps is as efficient and reliable as possible once your equipment has been refurbished.

Lastly, we also offer municipalities a preventive maintenance service to help avoid future problems, as well as an equipment modernization service. Whatever problems you face, we will never let you down and will always find the solutions you need.

Since the early 2000s, we have developed drive systems for different mining port sectors. Whether for the motricity of movement and pivoting of the stackers and recyclers, or for the motivity of different sections of open and closed spillways and conveyors, we have designed master/slave drive systems that include custom panels and complete saline air brake motors with gearboxes that can withstand the harshest winter conditions.

ABB variable speed drives with fibre optic communications distribute the loads to each wheel (up to 30 wheels) to develop maximum torque from zero speed. Torque at very low speed is essential for these applications.

We provide access to a wide range of new and metric motors, along with a multitude of preventive maintenance services that help extend the life of your equipment and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Our service is high quality, fast, personalized and attentive.

Since creating our integration department in the early 1990s, we have carried out a large number of projects on applications specific to this industry, such as the control of drawing and winding machines, hot metal extrusion, and many others.

Even today, this industry uses a large number of DC motors, which would be extremely expensive to replace with AC motors. But our partner ABB has continued to develop its DC drives, unlike the majority of manufacturers.

As a result, we can provide a machine with an AC motor to synchronize with machines using DC motors, on a common control platform. The DCS880 and ACS880 are perfectly harmonized and allow the same programming and communication tools.

Our more than 90 years of experience in motors have allowed us to develop highly advanced expertise in refurbishing DC motors and controls at a fraction of the cost of an AC replacement system.

With our renowned line of GE, ABB and Teco-Westinghouse motors, we are a major supplier of medium voltage motors for most of the cement plants in Québec.

In addition, we establish preventive maintenance plans for these motors to avoid unplanned shutdowns that would cause significant problems.

We have the capacity to supply medium voltage ABB drives for these high-power motors because our application specialists can assure compatibility between the two elements and advise on choosing the right motor to meet equipment specifications.